3 Things Your Slip & Fall Case Needs to Succeed

Slip and Fall injury

It’s winter, and in New Jersey that means cold, snow, and—everyone’s favorite—ice. We’ve all probably slipped on an icy sidewalk once or twice, but even a small spill can have big consequences, in which case it’s important to be legally prepared. If you experience a slip and fall that results […]

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FAQ: COVID-19 New Jersey Eviction Moratorium 2021

COVID-19 New Jersey Eviction Moratorium

In March of 2020, New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy enacted an eviction moratorium that suspended evictions of renters across the state. This was welcome news to many renters who were hit hard financially by COVID-19-related job losses, but as the New Year approaches, some renters are worried about whether or […]

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How do I Prove Negligence After a Slip or Fall?


Slips and falls are common parts of most of our lives, and while they usually amount to just a bump or a bruise, sometimes the injuries that result are serious or even life-altering. What many people fail to realize is that if their injuries happened because of a property owner’s […]

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