3 Things to Expect from Zoom Court During COVID-19

zoom court

It’s an understatement to say that the pandemic has been frustrating, and for personal injury victims who want to recover from their injuries as soon as possible, it has been particularly difficult. From worrying about the safety of seeking medical care to anxiety about zoom court during COVID-19, personal injury […]

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FAQ: COVID-19 New Jersey Eviction Moratorium 2021

COVID-19 New Jersey Eviction Moratorium

In March of 2020, New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy enacted an eviction moratorium that suspended evictions of renters across the state. This was welcome news to many renters who were hit hard financially by COVID-19-related job losses, but as the New Year approaches, some renters are worried about whether or […]

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How COVID-19 Could Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Claim

With over 75,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the state of New Jersey, financial stresses due to the virus are hitting the state hard. Unfortunately this includes not only everyday citizens who have lost jobs, but businesses including insurance companies. While it is too soon to grasp the full extent […]

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New Jersey Lawmakers Fight to Stop Vape Injury Epidemic

vaping-related injuries

According to an October 2019 study from the New Jersey Hospital Association, hospitals across the state were on track to see 16,000 hospital patients with vaping-related injuries, twice the number they saw in 2018. Now, new information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that vaping-related hospitalizations could be […]

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